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Foot Zone Therapy & So Much More!

From Zones to Reiki to Detoxifying Ionic Foot Baths, here at Brightfoot Therapy, my MAIN goal is to help you find balance and comfort inside your own body.


My name is Melissa and I stumbled upon Foot Zoning a few years ago quite unexpectedly.  A friend of a friend was going through her Foot Zone certification and needed practice feet so mine got volunteered! You know how it goes, right?  :D

I continued to see that zoner; became a paying client and she eventually became my mentor and trusted friend.  Over the duration, I noticed that I was making much faster progress on some things I was struggling with on my own healing journey.  My body stopped hurting so much and quite frankly my experience of life was improving dramatically.   

Due to my personal experience with the great benefits of integrating Foot Zones (along side other healing modalities) on my physical, mental and emotional health I started inquiring with counsellors and therapists after my own certification was complete.

There is a great deal your body is trying to tell you.  I am here to help you understand the language it's speaking.

Brightfoot is the physical manifestation of my passion to help people that are open to learning more about themselves and providing some safe space and support along the way.

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Questions about foot zones and reiki? Have special requests? Get in touch today, I'm happy to help.

The Brightfoot LLC home office is at 341 East 500 South

Clearfield, Utah 84015

(801) 505-8304

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