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What is a Foot Zone?

In the most basic terms a foot zone is a fancy foot rub. However, the “fancy” part is quite extensive and interesting.  If you are familiar with reflexology at all you have probably seen/heard that every organ and system of the human body maps to the feet.  While reflexology is often used to address specific issues or problems within the body, a foot zone treats the whole body in its entirety, to bring it more into balance and a state of healing and homeostasis.  We do this by not only working with reflex points but also accessing the energy meridians within the body as well as any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues that may be of interest to the client.

By doing this, the body will function at its highest ability allowing an individual to heal, rejuvenate, restore and rebuild. We are merely working to help the body actively recover from toxins, disruptive habits, stress, trapped emotions, illness, injury and disease.

Continuing with regular foot zone treatments will allow the zone to go deeper into your system, this brings deeper healing and often more significant improvements.


And What To Expect During Your Appointment

Reiki is a Japanese term composed of two parts. Rei meaning universal and Ki meaning life force energy.

Reiki is an energy healing technique applied through gentle touch.  Most people would call it "hands on healing" which is accurate, but actually touching the recipient is not required if they are not comfortable with physical touch.  Reiki can be done with the practitioners hands hovering some distance away from the client and even from across the room. Reiki is different than most hands on healing techniques in that there is no pressure on or physical manipulation of the body.

The benefits of reiki treatments include, relaxation, stress relief, peace, security and an overall feeling of wellness. Reiki is regularly performed in hospitals to support the well-being of patients undergoing traditional medical treatments.

Sensations felt during a reiki session range from warmth to tingling or pulsing at the places the practitioner has their hands placed.  Some people feel sensations throughout the body and others feel nothing at all.  Many clients slip into a deep meditative state or simply fall asleep during their session. (This is totally fine!)

When you come in for your reiki session we will chat briefly about your intentions or goals for the session.  You will remove your shoes and lie down on the reiki table.  I will ask if you would like a blanket and once you are comfortable we will begin.

Reiki sessions are approximately an hour long. 

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