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Shaking It Off with Swift & Levine

Have you ever felt emotionally constipated? You know, like you need to cry or yell or laugh or run or SOMETHING; because then you would feel better….but you just can’t seem to do it or figure out what IT is? I sure have.

In my experience a few minutes on the vibe plate will absolutely relieve emotional constipation. Emotions are just energy in motion; they move through our bodies and if we have energetic blocks they tend to get stuck, often making us feel MEH, crappy, stuck or disconnected. If life has been stressful, traumatic or chaos has ensued you may very well benefit by literally shaking off the feeling.

There is a whole concept developed by Dr. Peter Levine called somatic experiencing or “shake therapy” based on this very simple concept that you have probably seen and just not realized it.

When a lion tries to chase down and eat a gazelle but the gazelle manages to escape with its life you will notice that they shake; all of their muscles shiver and tremor under the skin. People do something similar; we experience this with the adrenaline spikes in our body when something scary or thrilling happens and we physically shake afterward.

So, spending a few minutes on the vibe plate helps to release muscle tension, burn off excess adrenaline, and calm the autonomic nervous system. All off this ultimately helps to reset our vagus nerve response, manage stress (cortisol & adrenaline) levels in the body and get us out of our fight-or-flight response.

Sometimes you just need to feel your feelings and shake it all off. (Cue up the Taylor Swift song) You don’t even need a plate to do it! Just put on your favorite tunes then dance, bounce, rock, flail your arms or jump around. It’s good for your mind and your body!

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