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Adrenal Glands: The Kidney Hats We Abuse

Okay friends, today we are talking about Adrenal Glands!

I often have recovery clients in my chair that comment on how much they have put their liver through. While this is true and there is some tenderness in the liver area during the zone, they are usually surprised to feel much more discomfort when I am working the renal & urinary system. This is for multiple reasons, not the least of which can be dehydration. Your kidneys do a lot of waste/toxin removal from the body and they do this through fluid; so you need to drink your water!

The emotions carried in this part of the zone are: Fear, resentment, anger, unresolved issues from the past, self-punishment, low self-esteem, fatigue and exhaustion. People in addiction treatment are often dealing with more than one of these feelings!

Our adrenal glands sit right on top of our kidneys and they play a BIG part in our body function. The adrenals are part of the endocrine system and one of the participants in the HPA-Axis which controls the stress response. They secrete cortisol/adrenaline (hormones), preparing the body for fight-or-flight. Hormones affect almost every bodily process, including: metabolism, sleep, blood pressure, growth, development, emotions/mood as well as fertility & sexual function.

On the feet they are in the arch, in line with the second toe.

The adrenals are in direct communication with the brain, particularly the Hypothalamus (responsible for determining if there is a threat) and the Pituitary (responsible for activating the adrenal glands). If someone is dealing with anxiety, stress or depression, their body is probably already working hard in this area. If you then drink or use to “deal with” or “escape” those types of feelings, the adrenals are over loaded and may be reacting to a chemically induced flood of hormones that then have to be sorted out within the system. As you can imagine, over long periods of time, this would be exhausting…hence the term adrenal fatigue.

Bret, chose these questions for those in recovery: “What will it take for me to eliminate the self-doubt and self-destructive dialogue in my head? Who can help with these burdens?”

As your friendly neighborhood foot zoner I’m asking: “How would it FEEL to have a team of people to support your mind and body through life’s struggles?”

All your body wants to do is create homeostasis or stability and balance between all the different parts within the system. Homeostasis is EXACTLY what a foot zoner is helping to create in your body. And this is why I have an office in the Therapeuo clinic.

My job is to help people dealing with mental, emotional, physical and/or spiritual things (and some in addiction recovery) find stability and balance within their meat suit. The mental health professionals and addiction specialist are just down the hall if you need them. Come see us, we’re here to help!

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