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Cerebellar Crispy Treats

Alright, friends, let’s get into BRAIN things!!

As a foot zoner I feel things in people’s feet, most commonly I feel what I call “rice crispies.” The feet owners don’t always feel them, but they usually can once I point them out.

I am bringing this up today because I have noticed that most of my IOP/Addiction clients have these little crispies in the lower, back part of their brain; the cerebellum area. This was particularly interesting to me because this area is not really mentioned in the material I have on addiction. I am the only foot zoner I know of that works with addiction recovery specifically, so there is that.

(On the feet, your brain is in your big toes.)

When I started researching the cerebellum, I was not surprised to find multiple articles that associated this part of the brain with addiction. What WAS surprising was that all of the articles were published in the last few years.

If you don’t know, the cerebellum coordinates your physical movement, balance & motor functions. It comprises 80% of all neurons in the brain and is only 10% of the brain mass. Disorders in the cerebellum manifest as lack of muscle control and coordination, difficulties with walking and mobility, slurred speech and difficulty speaking, abnormal eye movements and headaches as well as blurry vision and changes in mood or thinking….

Does this sound like someone that has been chemically altered to you?

Yeah, me too. But apparently super smart brain people can still miss the obvious and they’ve just caught on that the cerebellum could play a major role in addiction; specifically, in reference to reward-seeking social behaviors.

Some studies have shown that the cerebellum does not function as expected in people with addictive behavior, autism spectrum disorder, etc. There is much more research to be done, but it is very possible that the treatment of addiction may be seeing some changes and (hopefully) improvement in the future.

If you are struggling to rewire your brain from unhealthy habits, you might get some benefit by massaging the fleshy part of your big toes. Or make an appointment with your local foot zoner and have them work through all those brain connections and any crispies you might have going on!

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