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New Perfume? Nope, it's my feet!

“Your office smells SO good!” is by far the compliment I get most.

The reason my office is the best smelling at Therapeuo Health & Wellness is because essential oils are a BIG part of the foot zone experience. Most people are not super sure of what they are getting into with a foot zone but I’m here to tell you it is a custom experience for each and every person.

That’s right, before each client sits down I muscle test to determine which oils to use for their zone! Once they are seated and we get started I will tell them what oils I pulled for them and provide some additional information on those oils and what benefits they have.

This is my favorite part of getting a foot zone! (That’s right, I’m not just a zoner, I’m also a client.) For me the oil selection is really where the magic of the zone begins. Foot zoners are not trained psychics, but they do seem to be able to pick oils that resonate with people in a sometimes eerily accurate way.

So what do these oils have to do with anything?

Great question!

First of all, some essential oils tout very impressive antimicrobial properties. Second, herbs and essential oils have been used in medicine for centuries due to their biological properties and we are using them in a version of that. Am I a doctor? No, I cannot diagnose or treat any illnesses.

But have you ever smelled something and had it immediately bring a place, time or person vividly into your memory or make you feel strong emotions suddenly and without warning? The reason for this is because scents bypass our thalamus and go straight to the brain’s smell center (the ol factory bulb) which is connected to the amygdala and hippocampus. We are using oils to essentially hot-wire your brain.

Now, you have likely not smelled everything there is an oil for but, that doesn’t mean that your body doesn’t recognize them and their function on this planet. In fact I have a whole book on what emotions correlate to each oil and how it can help bring you and your body into balance and process what you need to work through while you are in my chair.

So our sense of smell is very important, and you will have a whole custom aromatherapy session during your zone! You will also get the benefit of these same oils being applied topically and absorbed through the skin on your feet. It is really a fun part of the foot zone experience and the side perk is that my office always smells fantastic.

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