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Pancreatic Gratitude

Alright you guys, today we are tackling a mystery that has been plaguing us all…the pancreas!

The pancreas is nestled deep in your abdomen between the stomach and the spine. This is a logistical nightmare, as you can imagine, which is why pancreatic cancer often goes undetected. The pancreas is an integral part of the digestive system; it produces digestive juices, enzymes, insulin and hormones that help convert food into energy for the body and regulate blood sugar.

The feelings associated with the pancreas are difficulty coping with life, inability to regulate emotions and feelings, guilt, low self-esteem, issues with will-power, shame, regret and suppressing or not allowing joy. On the feet it sits on the bottom in the middle section (the arch area between the heel and the ball) with the rest of the digestive tract organs.

People that are struggling with addiction often have a lot of these types of feelings going on so it is not surprising that the pancreas pops up. Alcohol abuse is known to cause damage to the pancreas (including diabetes), but damage can also be caused by cocaine, heroin and prescription drug abuse.

As my office supports people in addiction recovery programs, I see a number of people with energetic blockages in their pancreas. This is usually experienced as tenderness in that area during their foot zone.

Our addiction specialist (Bret) offered this question for those in recovery: “What will it take to start creating a more joyful, exciting and purposeful life?”

As your zoner I would ask: “How would it FEEL to live with gratitude; embracing all the good and joy I find around me?”

Feel this feeling in your body, it knows the answer.

If you are struggling with any of the emotions associated with the pancreas try coming up with 3 things a day you are grateful for or bring you joy. If all you can find are coffee, the oxygen you’re breathing and that this post is almost over…that counts! With practice your daily list will grow exponentially.

If you are running short on your list, hit up your local foot zoner, getting zoned is definitely a good thing!

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