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Solar Plexus: The FIRE in your belly!

Today we are talking about the solar plexus. Often referred to as the FIRE in your belly! Your solar plexus is the area of your upper abdomen, between your belly button and your sternum. It is both a complex system of radiating nerves AND a chakra or energy center.

The solar plexus chakra is associated with willpower, the pancreas, the element fire, the color yellow and the affirmation statement is “I CAN.” Emotions associated with the solar plexus are: depleted will-power, self-hate, addictions, fatigue, self-doubt, stress, the inability to let go of the past, anger, frustration and shame.

It is the 3rd chakra and when someone is struggling with solar plexus issues we try to build up the first (root) and second (sacral) chakras to support it.

An example of this would be when someone is struggling with addiction (solar plexus), we try to help them feel connected to people around them (sacral) and safe (root). If you are at all familiar with addiction treatment programs you will know that they are very much focused on building a sense of community and safety.

When I asked my favorite addiction specialist what question may be the most resonant for those in treatment he picked this one: “What will it take for you to finally trust your inner voice?”

As your zoner I would ask: “How would it FEEL to live with empathy and non-judgement of


Feel that feeling in your body, it knows the answer.

So if you are struggling with any of the emotions associated with the solar plexus, add some yellow (and even orange and red) into your life, eat them, wear them or just look at them and get in touch with some folks that can hold safe space for you.

Your local foot zoner can hold space as well as remove energetic blockages and give you a full body tune-up in the process!

Sun image by Pixabay via Pexels

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