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Gimme Those Good Vibrations!

Hey hey; there’s a whole lot of shaking going on!

It has been a hot minute since I have been able to offer time on the vibe plate to my clients, but the new plate is in and ready to go. Every client has the option to spend 10-15 minutes on the vibration plate with ANY appointment!

Why do I have a vibe plate in my office?

The benefits of whole body vibration include:


-Increased bone density

-Improved balance

-Lower cortisol levels

-Stimulates the lymphatic system

-Improved posture

-Joint maintenance

-Fat loss & Muscle growth

My personal favorite of these benefits is stimulation of the lymphatic system, and this is really why I want my clients to have access to the vibe plate at their appointments.

The lymphatic system is a natural filter that removes toxins, pathogens, bacteria and other harmful cells from the body; unfortunately it does not have a pump of its own and depends on major muscle movement to push lymph fluid through the body.

We stimulate your lymph flow on the plate prior to a foot zone or ionic foot bath detox to clear any blockages in the lymph vessels and push fluid to the lymph nodes for drainage, allowing you to get more out of your appointment and feel better almost immediately.

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